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18 Lessons From Turning 18. Twice.

Yesterday my twin brother and I turned 36. A weird feeling given that I do not, and I say this not lightly, feel any age above 18. Best to remain 18 forever.

This morning I considered lessons I've learned. Or lessons I've still not learned.

So, here we are.

1) Your computer will never, ever, ever cooperate. Especially on work calls. And even more especially when you're presenting on those calls.

2) Stay new. Don't become someone who thinks their specific period in history is the best and that anything new or even current is bad, bad, bad. Ram Dass once said to "Make friends with change." Do this. Especially with music.

3) You can change anything in your life with dilligence. Intelligence is overrated in 2022.

4) People lie. Some of those people are politicians.

5) Celebrate inner beauty. Often beautiful people are not so beautiful.

6) You can't have ego and beginner's mind simultaneously.

7) The media says we're fucked every single day. We aren't. Read about the Bataan Death March and then tell me how bad things are today.

8) Work a minimum wage job when you get out of college so you remember what the real world is like.

9) Support women. Treat them as you would your mother.

10) Be ready to fight at all times.

11) See Henry Rollins once in your life. Once is enough.

12) Watch a movie every week that challenges you.

13) Kiss your wife goodnight. Also kiss your wife good morning.

14) Approach the day with the intensity it deserves and let it lead you to perfect laughter.

15) "We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion."

16) Make yourself or others will do it for you.

17) Drink coffee and do nothing once a week. The work that's really real starts right there.

18) Don't be grateful. Be human and gratitude follows.

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