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5 Things I Have Learned This Week

  1. I am reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich this week ( and, while written in 1960, just 15 years after armistice, the details of Hitler's early life and the Nationalist sentiments in Germany that led to the war are disturbingly similar to the awakening of latent hatred(s) in my country today. Prescient.

  2. Esoteric Judaism, specifically Kabbalah:

  3. A book about the last eunoch in China: A fascinating look into the power dynamics associated with eunochs in The Forbidden City.

  4. Do you enjoy short discussions about spirituality? I attended this lecture last Sunday at the Hare Krishna Temple in Denver, and the Temple President, who is a really good guy and a sincere devotee, gave the talk:

  5. A personal learning: I am not as tolerant as I would like to be. By that I mean I wish to not mind so much when things don't go the way that I want.

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