• thomasnrobb

Did You Know?

Your sound, the weather outside,

The friend you wish you had,

All noble; all here within


Did you know?

Bitter herbs are what's left

Along the way -

Scattering in the park beneath

The shade of an unborn


I could cry when I read the news these days.

But men don't cry, do they?

Here among the ferns,

I dream of good days.

Did you know?

A flick of the match

Extinguished and then it's here:

Pure black.





You remain famous among the

Hallways - the screams of others

Level the hard floors.

I remember

Padded socks with rubber soles.

My feet are burnt now.

Bloated, purpling.

Lungs filled with lint and gravel.

I dream again,

Remembering the sun,

The match before dark.

The spark unknowing.

Earthen-shattered patina slathered

Against our ancient drum,

Tightening with the clock

Here on earth:

The only thing left.

Did you know?

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