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Gratitude of Sorts: Day 1

(Image stolen from the Venerable Hyon Gak Sunim:

A New Way

Today, on the advice of my much smarter wife, I determined it would be useful to write 10 posts in 10 days on the subject of gratitude and, specifically, what that looks like to me and how it presents itself in my daily life. Truth be told, gratitude is not high on my mental list. Not nearly high enough!

So, this morning it's all about thankfulness for a New Way, While this is a much bigger topic (the Tao) than what I have time for today on my little blah blah blog, I can explain, to some degree, what I mean:

As I deepen my practice at the Hare Krishna Temple on 1400 Cherry St. in downtown Denver, and as I go deeper WITHIN and work towards some form of devotional service, I realize that each morning I emerge from those burgundy doors that, yes, the early hours are beautiful around here. The mornings present themselves as beautifully as I hope, even if I don't feel gratitude for them sometimes.

Today, a beautiful late-summer morning hour, the sun is rising and for a few minutes the old brick city homes turn to gold. It's the harbinger of happiness washed over with a healing paint.

There are new ways, new approaches, new, new, new! Try, try, try! A thousand years, TRY!

A shot at the title. A day for the win.

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