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Gratitude of Sorts: Day 2

Swimming. Early days.

Several times a week, for the last four months or so, I’ve reinvigorated a childhood passion that I had abandoned for the past 30 years.

Being in water. And lots of it.

Of course, just as the childhood Village of Hamburg watering hole was a lovely environment through the hazy summer days, Denver morning swims are also excellent. Swimming in a blue, cool pool in the morning when the sun is rising out of the hills, and everything reminds you of Laurel Canyon, is a simple gift. One that returns and returns and returns.

This morning, Amy and I hit the lanes at around 6:30, and put in 1000 yards in half an hour. That seems to be our sweet spot and, if I do the drills correctly, I come out of the water feeling ultra great. I mean ultra, ultra great!

This sort of behavior helps me in so many ways: consistency, habit pattern formation, mental health, physical health, and of course, quality time with Amy before our busy days begin. I am so grateful to have two pools available at my beck and call. I am so grateful to have arms and legs that do what my brain wants them to do. I am so grateful to be alive today.

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