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Here's What I'm Reading This Week

Seeing as I woke up at 3 AM on a Monday, I figure it’s time to write a post and let the world know what I’m reading this week. That’s the normal response to insomnia, right? Sure.

I read 2–3 books a week, sometimes more. If there’s anything consistent to my reading it’s that I don’t always seek out new books, but instead I will return to old authors, and particularly philosophers (cough…Derrida…cough), for specific reasons; or, as is often the case, I like to re-read the canonical works that I glossed over in college (Ex. Howards End).

Yes, I can be scattered — though I contend that the benefit of being all over the place is that I cover a lot more ground in life than I do by staying in one dreadfully boring lane.

Here’s what’s next to my bed for the coming days:

Martin Heidegger’s Discourse on Thinking.

When I think of Heidegger, I think of three words: Ontology, brilliance, Nazism. I’ve not read this slim book before, but assume it will cover 300 pages worth of ideas in 90.

David James’ Hegel: A Guide for the Perplexed.

I often think of myself as being too good for guides to primary texts, but I will forgive myself for this intellectual transgression because Hegel is really, really dense. Ever read Phenomenology of Spirit? You know what I mean. With the exception of Slavoj Žižek (, I question how many people actually understand Hegel. So, here’s hoping!

Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

I am curious to learn more from this book, particularly as it relates to the fluid mindset. This is a bit lighter than what I usually go for, but I often find what I’d coin as insight-kernels in books like these. If nothing else, I’ll snag a few pithy lines for dinner parties.

Wally Koval’s Accidentally Wes Anderson.

This is basically a picture book for adults, but it’s a really pastel-heavy, vibrant, and symmetrically-pleasing collection of hotels, houses, cafes, and all things architecture from around the world — in-line, of course, with the beautiful world of Wes Anderson’s film set designs. Good stuff.

What are you reading this week?

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